ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player
ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player

                                                   Angel Mikel

                                   The Serengeti Slaughter

Angel Nathan was in a good mood on Monday. He told the two young angels to take three days off and go anywhere they wanted. “Go and explore,” he said with a grin. “Go and see the world. Strength and honour.”

“Strength and honour,” the young angels replied.

Angel Mikel and Angel Sonia couldn’t believe their luck. They flew away before the big warrior changed his mind. From the Statue of Liberty in New York City to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, from the Taj Mahal palace in India to the Blue Mountains of Australia. Angel Sonia loved horses and so they flew to the Arabian Peninsula and watched wild horses galloping along the almost dry rivers. Angel Sonia flew close to the horses and felt their speed and strength. These were the same kind of horses used by humans for wars, due to their intelligence and endurance.

On the second day, the two young angels flew to Africa and Angel Mikel couldn’t wait to get there. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean was a rough journey but eventually they made it in one piece. Africa! They landed on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and took a moment of pause. Here the view of the land below was spectacular, with acacia trees rising above dry land. Also in the air was the smell of burning wood and animal dung – two of the many smells of Africa.

While Angel Sonia checked out the native people herding cattle below, Angel Mikel searched the land far ahead. “Come on!” he said, and Angel Sonia followed him.

They flew down the Kilimanjaro and straight into the Serengeti. Through the trees and around the hills. They were so low they could hear the animals’ pounding hooves. The elephants raised their trunks and trumpeted, while prides of lions roamed the savannah and kept a watchful eye on the prey. Angel Mikel pointed out the herds of wildebeest, zebras and buffalos, and Angel Sonia squealed in delight. On the ground below, they also saw a few tourists in their jeeps, taking photographs and having a marvelous time. The tourists were happy to be in Africa, a place that reminded them of how life is connected – the circle of life.

In the afternoon, the excitement died down and Angel Mikel opted to watch the lions. There was this one lion in particular that fascinated him. It left its pride and strutted off majestically, its mane blowing in the breeze. “He looks very strong,” Angel Mikel said. He flew close to the lion and felt its energy.

“Angel Sonia flew on the other side of the lion. “He’s so beautiful,” she said.

“One slap from that paw can kill a wildebeest,” Angel Mikel said with a smile. “This is the king of the jungle.”

The lion led them away from the savannah and into the trees. Right before dusk, they arrived at a borehole where the lion lapped away. Angel Mikel and Angel Sonia hovered above and watched with the excitement of youth. Angel Sonia reached out and squeezed Angel Mikel’s hand. “Thank you for bringing me to Africa,” she said.

Angel Mikel felt connected to her. He squeezed her hand back and did not understand why he felt so alive. Was it because of Angel Sonia, or the lion? “I… I … like being here with you Angel Sonia,” he said, but suddenly froze and raised an eyebrow. Down below, the lion stopped drinking and raised its head.

“Something is wrong,” Angel Mikel said. “Hide! Now!”

The two angels dove behind a huge boulder and hid themselves from sight. The lion growled and looked uneasy. Time stopped and the air stiffened. All but the rustling of acacia trees as the wind pushed through the branches.

“What is it? “ Angel Sonia asked in a scared voice.

Angel Mikel peeped above the boulder and then dropped fast. “Poachers,” he said. “It’s poachers.”

Angel Sonia gasped. “They will kill the lion. We can’t let them do that!”

Angel Mikel peeped over the boulder again, this time staying a little bit longer. And he saw them - skinny African men with ragged military wear and AK 47s. They were moving in towards the lion, their rifles raised at ready. Above the poachers, Angel Mikel saw the ugliest and meanest demons he had ever seen. They formed a red cloud, with fangs and horns that were hard to miss. A huge demon with a crocodile’s tail led the party, urging the poachers forward.

Angel Mikel dropped and felt like he couldn’t breathe. “W…we can’t stop them. The…there are too many demons,” he said.

Angel Sonia’s face fell and she looked sad. The thought of someone killing the lion seemed to weigh her down. Beside her, Angel Mikel had never felt so scared and hopeless in his life. He wanted so badly to save the lion but it was impossible with that many demons. What would Angel Nathan do? Somewhere in the distance, he heard a click, as a rifle was cocked ready to fire.

Without thinking twice Angel Mikel rose from behind the boulder and yelled at the top of his voice, “Stooop!!” All the demons froze and stared at the little angel. Farther below, the poacher aiming at the lion hesitated.

The leading demon quickly recovered and flew forward. “And who be you my child?” The demon’s tail swept close to Angel Mikel’s face without touching.

Angel Mikel pulled out his sword and suddenly it looked very tiny. “My name is Angel Mikel, a warrior from heaven.”

Silence. The huge demon was trying hard not to laugh. “A warrior from heaven you say.” The demon circled the little angel and giggled. “The standards in heaven have really fallen. They allow children to be warriors.”

“I’m a warrior too,” Angel Sonia said as she emerged from behind the boulder. “Leave the lion alone or else …”

The demon’s red eyes stopped her. “Or else what? You will kill us?”

More and more demons started laughing and the two angels felt small. The air was stifled with the smell of Sulphur and there were demons everywhere.

“My name is Prince Goma,” the demon said. It flexed its muscles and pulled out an ugly axe. “I rule these lands and you have no authority here. I will kill you both little angels but first I have a show for you.”

Prince Goma motioned, and a small demon whispered into the poacher’s ear. The poacher said something to his friends and then raised the rifle. Two seconds later, a gunshot shook the air and the lion dropped like a rock.

Angel Mikel stared in disbelief at the lion. He knew what had happened but couldn’t quite process it. He remembered following the lion, watching the King of the jungle strutting in a majestic way. He remembered being proud of God’s creation… and now this?

Something was happening to the little angel. It started small, the anger within, and grew fast. Angel Mikel tried to stop it, but he couldn’t. He screamed at the top of his voice but he didn’t realize that he was screaming. The sword in his hands moved and the huge demon laughed.

“Yes little one, that’s the spirit. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Angel Mikel raised his sword to strike the demon. The sword was blocked by a red axe and a fist landed on his face. He reeled backwards but did not fall. This time he went for the demons legs. Again the demon blocked but Angel Mikel ducked the counter punch. He rose high and came down sword pointing at the demon’s head. The demon grinned and seemed to be enjoying the play. Right before striking the head, Angel Mikel turned at lightning speed and went for the tail. The demon looked baffled for a second and that’s all the time that was needed. Angel Mikel chopped off the crocodile tail and rose back towards the head. “My tail!” The demon screamed. “My…” Angel Mikel’s sword went right through the demon’s neck and the beast’s eyes looked shocked. It tried to stay on its feet. It tried to speak. But the body would not respond. Instead, it evaporated into a yellow cloud of dust and the demon was gone.

Angel Mikel was so angry he could not stop. He went after the other demons, slicing them as they raised their red swords. At first, the demons tried to fight back. Thousands of red swords and axes were pointed in the direction of the angel. The demons flew in for the kill and Angel Mikel waited until they were close enough. He then burst into a glowing light, blinding the demon’s eyesight. The little angel flipped and twisted through the air, chopping ten demons with one swing. Metal clashed and demons fell. They could not contain the little angel’s speed and so the demons started fleeing. Angel Mikel continued to spin and slice. He killed thousands of demons without breaking a sweat and when they tried to fly off, he pulled them back by their red tails and finished them off.

And then it was over and not a single demon was left alive. Down below, the poachers ran in every direction and looked very confused. Angel Mikel landed near the borehole and took a knee. His eyes were hazy, the energy coursing through him so powerful he could not control it. For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12)

“Angel Mikel?” A soft voice called.

Angel Mikel recognized the voice immediately. “Angel Sonia,” he said in a weak voice. “Please save the lion. Don’t let it die.”






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