ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player
ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player

                                              Angel Mikel

                                              I LOVE YOU


            The lion opened its eyes and lay still. Angel Sonia placed a hand underneath its head and helped it up. “That’s it big guy, you can do this.” Under a setting African sun, the lion raised its head and blinked. The haze cleared from its eyes and it found focus. Angel Sonia placed a hand underneath its belly and closed her eyes. Power flowed from the angel into the beast and the lion finally stood up. It searched around the borehole and then dashed away.

            A thudding sound. Angel Sonia span into the direction of the sound. She gasped at the sight of Angel Mikel face in the ground. “Angel Mikel?” She was beside him in a second, not sure about what to do. She raised him from the ground and lay him on his back. Angel Mikel was barely breathing and his face had lost all its glow. “Angel Mikel? Wake up! Can you hear me?”

            She wiped the dirt from his face and held him like a child. Angel Mikel was barely alive but he was not dead. Not knowing what to do, Angel Sonia held him and cried. “I remember the first time I saw you Angel Mikel. I thought you were the most arrogant angel I had ever seen.” She sniffed and smiled through tears. “But I didn’t know you then like I know you now. You are brave and … you fight for what you believe in. I like you very much Angel Mikel. I … I think I … I love you.” The tears fell from her face and landed on Angel Mikel’s face. Angel Sonia did not bother to wipe them. In the haziness of the moment, she felt very lost.

            Angel Mikel felt himself falling. At first it felt good. But then he saw the ground rushing to meet him, and panicked. He tried to spread his wings to cushion the fall but the wings felt paralyzed. He screamed and then prayed. Right before he hit the ground, everything turned into slow motion. The ground disappeared and opened into infinite space. He felt himself floating and he was as light as a feather. There was nothing out here but darkness, and suddenly he was afraid.

            Angel Sonia fell asleep with Angel Mikel in her arms. When she woke up, it was bright outside and the African sun rose high above the trees. The birds sang and the animals called. She looked down and saw Angel Mikel lying very still. Panic. “Angel Mikel?” And then she felt it, a distant beat and a warm chest. Angel Mikel was still alive.

            “Hang in there my love,” Angel Sonia said. “I will find you some help.” She wished badly that Angel Nathan was there, but here in the Serengeti, they were on their own.

            She picked him up in both hands and lifted off the ground. Angel Mikel was heavy but Angel Sonia flapped her wings with renewed energy. Up above the trees she went, searching the dry ground below. The first sign of life was a village defined by mud huts and skinny cattle. She flew right above it and kept going. The second town was a little bigger with small brick houses and coffee plantations. She searched around the town until she saw a cross on a building. A church! Feeling excited, Angel Sonia flew into the church and placed Angel Mikel on the altar. The day was Tuesday and the church was empty. Through a connecting door Angel Sonia found the man of God kneeling in prayer in a separate room. There was nobody else in the whole building.

            With a whisper she guided the man of God towards the altar next to where Angel Mikel lay. The man of God, feeling a presence, suddenly dropped on his knees and prayed fervently. He prayed for the world and he prayed for his congregation. “Forgive our sins oh God, and wipe the tears from our faces.” And when he was done asking of God, he started glorifying God for the King that He was. “Take your glory King of King,” the man of God said amidst tears. “Take your glory Lord of Lord. You are the most powerful, you are the healer of healers, you are the beginning and the end … the miracles belong to you oh God!”

            Angel Sonia watched with anxiety. She spread her wings around the man of God and prayed with him. “See now Father I myself am in fear. There is no God but you. You put to death and bring to life. No one but you can deliver.” Soon, a light appeared in Angel Mikel’s chest and spread through the rest of his body. Angel Sonia wanted to rush over but couldn’t. She stayed with the man of God and together they continued to pray. But no matter how hard and long they prayed, the little angel just wouldn’t open his eyes.

            Finally, after many hours of prayers, the exhausted man of God rose from his knees and left the altar. He dialed on his cell phone on the way out and called the members of his congregation. “I need everybody here tomorrow for a prayer meeting. I feel like something is happening in this church. The Lord has put this word in my heart. Get my people to pray, not just for the worldly needs but also for the glory of heaven.”

            Angel Sonia sat next to Angel Mikel and looked puzzled. “What is going on Angel Mikel? Why didn’t our Father heal you?” She searched the face for a response but there was none there. “I will be right here Angel Mikel. I will never let you go.”





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