ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player
ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player

                                   The End of Times

            Angel Mikel floated through the space for what felt like an eternity. At one point, he blinked and saw a shiny gate approaching. The big gate opened easily and Angel Mikel found himself inside the most beautiful garden he had ever seen. There were flowers like rainbow, grass of lush green and blue water in the pond. There was nobody else in this garden; not a creature of earth or heaven stirred. But as he floated between the trees, Angel Mikel felt like he was not alone. It was a strange feeling – like another presence … close by. Very close by. And then he heard a voice that shuttered the very peace inside him. “Come!” the voice said. Angel Mikel span and saw a red horse near the pond but there was no rider. “Come!” the voice said again. The big gate slammed shut behind the angel and all the lights in the garden went out. An eerie laughter filled the air.

The following day, the elders and the women of church arrived led by the man of God. Armed with the Bible, they searched the room as though expecting to see something, but the visible realm, much more imposing, prevented them from seeing the invisible. Right in front of them on the altar lay Angel Mikel, looking as though in deep sleep. Angel Sonia moved out of the way when the man of God approached. “Oh Lord,” the pastor prayed. “You hold the world in the palm of your hands. Open our eyes so we may see. Give us strength that we may stand firm against the schemes of the devil. For our struggle today is not against flesh and blood, but against the forces of darkness in heavenly places.” The man of God poured oil on the altar and in so doing poured some on Angel Mikel. The elders and the women then knelt in front of the altar and wept in prayer. They had no idea why they were praying but they opened their hearts and left themselves vulnerable to the spirit.  

And it is written that during the intercession of the saints, the spirit of God came down and filled their hearts. And Angel Sonia whispered into their ears. “God’s Spirit is in you and it’s more powerful than the one that is in the world.”

            There was this one old woman in particular who fascinated Angel Sonia. The woman knelt in front of the altar and prayed with the heart of a child. “Dear God,” the woman said. “I confess that I have no strength, energy or power on my own. But today Lord, you will be my strength and power. Come down now and live in me, so I may be able to touch the lives of others. Take over my emotions, my thoughts, my will, my actions, and my words. I declare your glory, I call you God.”

Three hours into prayer, something shifted and Angel Sonia felt it. It sounded like thunder … in a muted kind of way. It sounded far and yet it was audible enough to scare her. A light appeared from the heavens and beamed into the church. Nobody saw it but Angel Sonia. It covered the saints of God and every crevice in the building. Angel Sonia closed her eyes and only opened them when the light was gone. A sound attracted her attention. A cough. An almost nothing. She flew over to the altar and saw Angel Mikel lying on her back with his eyes open.

“Angel Mikel, you are alive!”

Angel Mikel raised his head and looked around the room as though trying to remember.

“I brought you here,” Angel Sonia said. “You killed all those demons at the Serengeti but the power charging through you must have overwhelmed your body. Do you remember any of that?”

Angel Mikel nodded, turned and stared at the people around him. The saints of God were laughing, smiling and hugging each other. They had felt it too - a surge of energy in the building that rejuvenated their bodies.

“They prayed for me?” Angel Mikel tried to stand up.

“Yes. It’s a small town. Their faith is strong.”

Angel Mikel looked weak and wobbled a little. “How can I repay them … the saints of God?”

“I will take care of it,” Angel Sonia said. “You don’t look so happy. Why?”

Angel Mikel shook his head and showed worried eyes. “It was a voice in my sleep Angel Sonia. I heard it very clearly.”

Angel Sonia frowned. “What did the voice say?”

Angel Mikel hesitated. “There was a red horse with no rider. And then I heard a voice saying - come!”

Angel Sonia gasped. “The end of times?”

“Yes. The end of times.”




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