ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player
ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player

  Angel Mikel
             The First Knight


Angel Sonia spread her wings and blessed the saints of God. “If anyone of you is sick, let him be healed. And if anyone of you has sinned and has confessed of these sins, let him be forgiven.” To the old woman she said, “God loves you very much. You have little strength and yet you have kept my faith. I will keep you from the hour of trial and no one will harm you.”

The saints of God left the church glowing, and on this day, they were blessed because their faith was strong.

Angel Mikel and Angel Sonia slept on the altar in the church. They lay side by side under the shiny cross and drew comfort from it. At midnight, Angel Sonia felt Angel Mikel tossing.

“Can’t sleep either?” she said.

Angel Mikel turned and stared at the ceiling. “I can’t stop thinking about the red horse and why I couldn’t see the rider.”

Angel Sonia sighed. She didn’t like this topic but it was a long time coming. “The red horse will take the peace from earth, and the people will kill each other.”

“But… but how do we know?” Angel Mikel sounded confused.  “Approximately 180 million men, women and children were slaughtered in the 20th-century wars. The new millennium has continued the trend, with the addition of mass-murder terrorism. How do we know that the red horse isn’t here already?”

Angel Sonia pursed her lips. “Every generation thinks that their time is the time. Signs of Armageddon could be seen everywhere … in the World War 1 and 11. But the war to end all wars is coming, and it will follow a time of global conflict and turmoil unlike anything ever seen.”

“I can’t just sit and do nothing,” Angel Mikel said. “I have to help the people of this earth. I love them. I believe in them. Hear my cry, O God, listen to my prayer. From the ends of the earth I call to you, do not destroy your people.”

The two young angels eventually fell asleep. They woke up the following morning to a beautiful sun and blue skies. The murmur of life drew them out of the church, and they floated above the small town- enjoying the view and the fresh air.

The sun rose hot above the little African town and the people rose with it. People came from the villages and brought merchandise to sell in the market. Goats and dogs could be seen wondering through the town, chewing paper and looking for mischief. There was red dirt on the walls of the buildings and on the roads. The people dressed-up in cheap clothes, and yet they smiled a lot. There was joy here in this town and Angel Mikel felt it. An innate kind of happiness that could only be found within the warmth of a community.

“Woe unto the earth for your time is short,” Angel Sonia said in a small voice.

Angel Mikel nodded. “Man has always been on a course towards destruction. But blessed are all who stay awake and remain clothed, so as not to go naked and be shamefully exposed.”

They landed on the grass in a field and watched the children playing. The children were giggling and laughing as they kicked a red ball around. Some of the children barely had any clothes on, and yet the joy in their heart was complete.

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these,” Angel Mikel said with a sad face. “I can’t just sit around and wait for the world to be destroyed. I need to do something.”

Angel Sonia raised both shoulders. “What will you do? What can we really do? The word is written and nobody can change it. The outcry of the earth is so great and their sin so grievous.”

Angel Mikel closed his eyes and said. “Dear God, if there is one righteous man left on earth, will you not spare the people because of that one man?” He opened his eyes and found Angel Sonia staring at him.

Angel Sonia had waited long enough. “What happened to you at the Serengeti? You killed thousands of demons by yourself and yet you are not a trained warrior. The things you did … the way you moved … it takes a lot of training to do all that and yet you did it.” Angel Sonia was talking fast, hardly breathing. “And I saw the look on your face then, and I did not recognize you. And afterwards, you fell sick and had a vision … no, a prophecy was revealed to you. Who are you Angel Mikel? I mean who are you?”

Angel Mikel dropped his eyes. “I don’t have the answers you are looking for Angel Sonia. All that has passed is a mystery to me just as it is to you. I am but God’s vessel.”

The two angels sat in silence and tried to process their thoughts. Angel Sonia placed her head on Angel Mikel’s shoulder and sighed. “It’s okay,” she said. “God uses people like you because your heart is open and you give all of yourself. We will figure this thing out together.”

Under the African sun, back dropped with golden sprays of the picturesque savannah, the two angels sat lost in thought. Words and images bombarded their minds and no matter how hard they thought, they just couldn’t pin down a single concept for the way forward. Suddenly, the sound of a trumpet pierced the sky. It started small and got louder by the second.

“Look,” Angel Sonia said with a pointing finger. “Angels are coming.”

Angel Mikel narrowed his eyes and saw the blue skies turn white. A flurry of wings in a v-formation was headed straight for them. “It’s Angel Musa, the African warrior.” Something shifted inside his body and Angel Mikel smiled. Angel Musa was a great warrior and maybe he would tell Angel Mikel what to do.

Angel Musa landed on soft feet and walked over to the young angels. He was dressed in a white gown above gold body armour. Behind him walked twenty warriors dressed in the same manner, with long silver swords on their backs. The warriors were from all around the world including Asia, Europe, America, Australia and Antarctica.

“Strength and honour!” Angel Mikel and Angel Sonia saluted.

“Strength and honour!” All the warriors replied. Their sound thundered through the small town all the way to the savannah and Angel Sonia shuddered. One of the angels pulled her to the side and Angel Mikel stood alone in front of the warriors.

“We heard about what you did at the Serengeti,” Angel Musa said as he drew out a silver sword. “Hallelujah for our Lord mighty reigns.”

“All glory belongs to God,” Angel Mikel said.

“On your knee!” Angel Musa pointed the ground with his sword.

Angel Mikel felt like he was dreaming. Everything was happening too fast and he couldn’t quite process it. He dropped on one knee and Angel Musa stepped forward.

“For your courage in adversity, for your devotion to justice, for your commitment to helping those who cannot help themselves, I dub thee Sir Angel Mikel, a first knight in heaven.” The big warrior tapped Angel Mikel’s shoulders with his sword and did not smile. “Arise Sir Knight of heaven.”

Angel Mikel stood up looking shaken. A white robe was thrown over his tunic and he stood reborn. One by one the warriors came forward and hugged him. “Strength and honour,” they said.

“Strength and honor,” Angel Mikel replied with a hazy expression.




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