ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player
ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player

The Great Adventures of Angel Mikel



The year was 2000, the year the world was supposed to end. The aura in heaven was gloomy and angels trudged the streets heads bowed in dejection.

At the age of fourteen, Angel Mikel couldn’t quite comprehend what was happening and so he shoved and zigzagged through the crowds in search of an answer.

“The humans have failed,” everybody whispered. “The world will be destroyed.” The answer rippled through the crowd sending chills down the young angel’s back.

No. Nooo… angel Mikel walked faster. They can’t destroy earth. They can’t kill the beautiful people! This was wrong.

The palace appeared in a shine of gold and sparkling gems. It sat higher than the rest of the city and there was no mistaking the power it emitted. Angel Mikel had grown up on these streets and knew his way like a homeless kid did in a city. The two burly angels standing guard at the front never saw him as he sneaked inside.  

The place floor was slippery and so the little angel flew…through the halls … all the way to the golden throne, where a huge angel sat in thought. It was Angel Gabriel.

“You are a sly one, aren’t you?” Angel Gabriel said without looking up and Mikel straightened himself into a dignified posture.

“You can’t destroy earth!” he blurted out. His voice was small. “I grew up listening to stories about the people of earth and their struggles. Why would you destroy something that you love?”

Angel Gabriel finally raised his head, a slight look of curiosity on his face. “Tell me Mikel, why shouldn’t I destroy earth? The people have turned away from God. They steal, cheat, lie, fornicate and kill.”

“Well…” Angel Mikel said. “There’s still some good left on earth. I know it, I can feel it!” The tears streamed down Angel Mikel’s face and Gabriel was moved. A long moment of silence elapsed.

“I tell you what,” Angel Gabriel finally said. “I will send you to earth for one month. Find me one good person and I won’t destroy earth.” Angel Mikel’s face brightened as he turned to leave. There was light at the end of the tunnel for earth, if only a flicker.



For days, the little Angel scoured the earth. From Africa to America he flew: from Europe to Asia and still, he couldn’t find a single good person. It felt like earth was already on a self-destruction course. Wars in the Middle East; Nuclear bombs being built in underground chambers away from satellite reach; tsunami’s and earthquakes. This was not the same earth that Angel Mikel had grown up loving and he slowly began to understand why doomsday was inevitable. Hope was slowly fading away to be replaced by despair. His wings were tired but still he refused to give up.

On the third week, Angel Mikel arrived in the little town of Welton, on the Atlantic coast. As he floated down the hill towards the town, he saw dark clouds over the buildings - no, demons. Thousands of black demons with yellow glittering eyes. They were so many such that all one saw was a dark cloud. Angel Mikel quickly tried to turn and hide but something inside him stirred and he knew that the answer to what he was looking for lay in this little town.

The demons laughed when they saw him: a tiny streak of white floating through the darkness. Angel Mikel looked up and saw a church and his conscious led him to it. The demons were everywhere, on the church’s rooftop, on the windows, in the cars. The little angel had never been so scared in his life but still he pushed forward and headed for the church door. He never made it.

He saw a shadow and then felt the pain. Something hit him and he sprawled to the ground. When he came to, a huge demon with bulging muscles was standings over him pointing a red sword. “Who are you?”

“Yes, who are you?” Tiny demons repeated all around.

“My name is Angel Mikel, and am trying to save the world.” His voice shook with fear. This was Prince Lush, one of the most feared demons and Mikel had heard stories about him.

There was a long moment of silence followed by an uproar of laughter. The huge demon laughed until tears rolled down its face. “You? You tiny thing? The savior of earth?” Suddenly the red blade was on Mikel’s wings and he felt a sharp pain cut through his body.

“Kill him! Prince Lush. Kill the little Angel!” the other demons screamed. Angel Mikel felt hurt and angry. There was blood on his wings from where the demon had cut him. Instinctively he pulled out his tiny sword and made a screeching roar.

“I’m going through that door, one way or the other,” Angel Mikel yelled in forced bravado as he pointed at the church entrance.

The fight was in the huge demon’s eyes. He knew he had an audience. How often does a demon get to kill an angel? He lunged forward in a battle cry and Angel Mikel knew it was over even before the blade landed. The demon would kill him with one blow.

But suddenly, something else happened. Prince Lush’s sword never reached Angel Mikel. A huge white sword appeared out of nowhere and knocked the red sword to the ground staggering the demon prince in the process. In front of Mikel stood Nathan, the legendary angel from heaven! Mikel stared in disbelief.

“Pick up your sword, Prince Lush!” Angel Nathan commanded as he paced. His body was ripped; his voice full of confidence and the demon hesitated. But all the little demons were watching and so Prince Lush grabbed his sword and lunged at the huge Angel. Nathan sidestepped and sliced the demon into half, vaporizing him into a dust of red. Suddenly, bright lights filled the sky and a flurry of white wings swarmed the air. Angel Mikel saw white swords swerving all around cutting demons into half; Angles from different parts of the world; Arabic, African, White, Spanish… all kinds of Angels, vanquishing and sending demons to their doom.

         “Come,” Angel Nathan extended a hand to Mikel and together they walked into the church. They took a moment and stared at the beautiful scene in front and drew strength from it. Inside the church was a little girl praying feverishly, and as her prayers grew stronger, Angel Mikel felt his wings heal and rise to the heavens.

            “I want you to look around and remember where you are Angel Mikel,” Nathan said in a somber tone. “You will never forget this day. This is the day you saved earth.”

            Silence. Angel Mikel took a moment to look around: an empty church, a little girl praying, vanquished demons, angels rejoicing.

“How did you find me?” He asked Angel Nathan. The masculine Angel laughed heartily. “Angel Gabriel sent us. We have been following you for days. As long as there is one good person on earth, God will not destroy his people.”


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A Whisper in the Jungle


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