ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player
ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player

Angel Mikel Doomsday

Word in heaven was that a little angel had stood up to a powerful demon. It was unheard of, and everybody in heaven wondered why Angel Gabriel had allowed an untrained angel to venture into earth. The truth was a moving target and no explanations were offered. Angel Mikel got a lion’s share of attention both from the old and young angels. The old ones gave him respect while the young ones mocked him and doubted his abilities. Did he really pull out a sword on the great Prince Lush or did Angel Nathan do all the work?

          The days soon blurred over each other and new threats arose on earth and in heaven. But above all and against all odds, one threat shook the entire course of Angel Mikel’s life. It started with the ringing of the bells, followed by the sight of angels flying around in panic.

          “What is it?” Angel Mikel asked.

          “It’s Angel Gabriel,” an angel said. “He’s fighting a great demon!”

          Angel Mikel gasped. This was bad. Angel Gabriel never fought unless there was a real threat to heaven. Angel Mikel flew from one building to another and searched the horizon until finally he saw a glow of bright lights in the distance. Without thought or pause, the little angel shot through the skies and headed for the battle. It took hours before he got there, an act of defiance for a young angel.

          The light in the distance got brighter as Angel Mikel approached. The flashing white and screaming red danced and almost looked like a plane making circles. But as Angel Mikel got closer, he saw adult angels standing to the side, watching with weary eyes. There were the elders, and beside them, the warriors ready with their weapons.

          “You can’t be here!” A stern angel who looked like a body builder pointed a finger at Mikel and indicated for him to go back to the safely of the walls. The little angel pretended to leave then darted to the other side of the ‘ring’ to stare in horror at the unfolding scene. The demon was bigger than Angel Gabriel. It stood like a man, and sometimes walked on all fours like an animal. Its claws protruded and retracted at will, its teeth looked more like fangs. The demon’s skin was red but the eyes glowed yellow like a beast… an angry beast. Angel Mikel took a subconscious step back at the sight.

          The demon swung its red sword and Angel Gabriel blocked with a silver one; but the power of the blow staggered Angel Gabriel and he almost lost his footing. No demon this size had ever been seen and Angel Mikel watched from a distance with a stunned expression - the strongest angel in heaven being bested by pure horror. If Angel Gabriel lost the epic fight, then earth was doomed along with all good that existed in the universe. After the light came darkness.

The demon swung again and this time caught the side of Angel Gabriel’s body, tearing it open. The big angel stumbled and fell, and the demon laughed. The eerie laughter cut through the heavens and skies, striking terror into hearts and minds. “These are your last moments, Angel Gabriel! Say goodbye to everything you have ever loved.” The demon roared and raised a burning red sword towards the sky. “And after you are gone, earth will be mine!”

Angel Mikel couldn’t stand it anymore. He cut the distance in seconds and was kneeling near Angel Gabriel’s side, trying to help him up. “Please get up Angel Gabriel? Please get up!” The huge angel’s eyes were full of sorrow and the distant sadness caught Mikel completely by surprise.

“Not enough people on earth are praying,” Angel Gabriel said in between gasps. He was hurt. “Mikel, you have to get the people to pray otherwise we are all doomed. I’m losing my energy. I can only hold off for so long. Go to earth and find me a good prayer cover!”

Less and less people on earth were praying; the demons were getting stronger, the angels weaker. Armageddon was drawing near. Angel Gabriel crawled to his feet and launched back at the demon and both went sprawling through the air, twisting and turning, each trying to get an edge over the other.

         There was not a moment to lose and with a sense of urgency, Angel Mikel blew through the skies towards earth. Two warriors who attempted to follow him were stopped by the elders, who completely trusted in Angel Gabriel’s judgment. Angel Mikel never once looked back as he focused completely on the task ahead. The impossibility of his mission gnawed at him as he shot through the stars… and he wondered how he would get the people of earth to pray in such a short notice. Most earthly folks only prayed on Sunday and today was Wednesday: Angel Gabriel wouldn’t last for that long. How could one little angel save earth and heaven? Mikel wondered.



         The epiphany finally came to Mikel as he neared earth… the children! What could be more powerful than the prayers from the heart of a child? Prayers so pure and innocent. The children were the diamonds on earth and the prayer of one child surpassed that of five adults put together. “Yes!” Angel Mikel exclaimed as he bunched up a fist. The children had to be the answer.

         Earth was dark as Angel Mikel glided down the mountains and valleys: from the villages to the cities. The people were asleep, completely unaware of their doom. Subversive demons of all kinds sat on their heads, whispering into their ears, tormenting, deceiving, and controlling their dreams… plotting. There were demons on rooftops and inside the buildings; demons that specialized in lying, raping, stealing, killing, fornicating… you name it. Demons sat on drunkards’ shoulders and shrieked into their ears. Angel Mikel shuddered with fear as he dove underground. The last thing he needed was a confrontation that would waste time and hinder his objective. Ten minutes later, the little angel shot to the surface and floated into a building.

         “Wake up Grandma Rosa?" Angel Mikel whispered into an old woman’s ears. He had crept undetected into an orphanage, a shelter for homeless children where seventy-year-old grandma Rosa was the director. This orphan village located in Europe was the headquarters to hundreds of villages across the world and with one phone call Grandma Rosa could send a prayer request and gather all the children around the world into their chapels. That kind of prayer cover could save Angel Gabriel and the world.

         “Wake up Grandma Rosa, the world needs your help!” Angel Mikel gently shook the old woman.

         Grandma Rosa stirred in her sleep and then slowly got up. At first, she thought she was dreaming but then the vision was so vivid that she couldn’t ignore it. God had spoken to her. The people of the world had sinned, and were in danger of perishing. The end of the world was near.

Heart racing, Grandma Rosa opened the door and headed for her office. For so many years, she had preached about the end of the world and nobody had listened to her. She had been ignored, ridiculed and sometimes called senile. And now finally, the Lord had spoken to her. She was humbled to do the Lord’s work.

It was dark outside and evil lurked in the air. She could feel it too, a heavy malevolence cover around her. Afraid but determined, she started praying as she walked. Her prayers were initially quiet but when she stumbled and fell to the ground, she broke into fervent loud prayers that cut through the darkness like a knife. “In the name of JESUS!” She prayed for protection, courage and intervention and crawled to her feet, but no sooner had she taken the first step than a sharp pain cut through her heart. She cried out and prayed harder. She wasn’t going to fail, if this was her last mission on earth.

         From his hiding place, Angel Mikel watched with a sick feeling as a demon tripped the old lady. Another demon plunged a sword into the old lady’s heart and screamed into her ears, “You are going to die grandma! You are too old!” But every time Grandma Rosa prayed, the demons would jump back and regroup. For her age, the old woman’s determination was impressive and the hundreds of demons forming a dark circle around her constantly hesitated before they attacked. Angel Mikel tensed and realized that the old woman wasn’t going to make it to the phone. With a tiny battle cry and against all voice of reason he jumped from his hiding spot, sword in hand and flung himself at the demons.

The startled demons jumped back at the sight of the angel and Mikel watched with satisfaction as Grandma Rosa reached for the door handle to the office. “Kill the little angel, he’s trying to distract us!” The demons screamed.

         Oh oh, the little angel thought. Time to run. It was too late. Something hit Angel Mikel from behind and he fell. He rolled on the ground, sprang to his feet and drove his sword through a tiny demon then quickly turned to face his adversary. It was a huge black demon with scary horns … spitting red flames from its nostrils. The other demons gave way and Angel Mikel lunged forward in futile fury. His sword was easily kicked to the side and a heavy blow landed on his face. The blow staggered him backwards and he fell down, and lay on the ground stunned. He heard the demon approaching and tried to move, but couldn’t. The blow had paralyzed him. His eyes popped wide open when the demon grabbed him by the neck and lifted him off his feet, toying with him… studying him, wondering about the presence of a lone angel. Angels always traveled in groups as they were badly outnumbered by demons. Angels were not aggressive unless cornered or on a mission.

The other demons laughed and jeered as Angel Mikel struggled to free himself. It was only a matter of time before the demon’s blade ripped through his belly.

Suddenly, a noise… no, music nearby. The children from the orphanage dressed in white night gowns were singing and praying as they came out of their homes and headed for the chapel. Their voices got louder and louder as the spirit of God flowed through their hearts and the land. The demon dropped Angel Mikel and covered its ears. “Stop that!” It screamed. Chaos broke as demons dashed in different directions screaming in pain and confusion, covering their ears.

         Angel Mikel lay on the ground and smiled. He had done it! Grandma Rosa had made the phone calls around the world to wake up the children. The little angel had once more saved the earth. He lay on his back, eyes open and listened to the prayers, and slowly his body began to glow as the spirit flowed through him. He sat up and saw thousands of demons trying to get into the chapel, to get to the children, but the prayer cover was so powerful that they couldn’t get close. Then Angel Mikel looked up and saw a single star, no, a comet. It moved fast, twisted and grew bigger as it approached. The demons were so preoccupied that they never noticed. And as the star was about to crash into the earth, it turned at a ninety-degree angle and sped towards the demons, cutting them into pieces; thousands of pieces and soon none was left and Angel Gabriel stood next to Mikel, his face devoid of all expression. The huge angel towered above the little one and Mikel, scared, quickly jumped to his feet. He had never seen anybody move so fast. Angel Gabriel was glowing like a burning torch and there was not a single dark spot or crevice left on the earth around him.

         “Pull out your sword Angel Mikel!” Angel Gabriel commanded, his voice booming across the land and echoing through the mountains. Angel Mikel’s hands shook with fear; the sword hot in his hands. “Raise your sword towards the heavens!” Angel Mikel did as he was told. “Now swing straight down.” Angel Mikel swung his sword. “Up again! High block, low block. Now spin and twist as you thrust!” Angel Mikel did as he was told and before he knew it, he was dripping with perspiration. “Never stop moving, you will always be outnumbered!”

         Angel Mikel couldn’t believe what was happening, Angel Gabriel was teaching him to fight.

         “Again!” The huge angel commanded.

         The first glow of the morning light appeared in the horizon. The people of earth stirred in their sleep. After the darkness came light. The people had no idea how close earth had come to perishing.


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