ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player
ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player

Angel Mikel - The Test

The sound of a horn filled the streets in heaven. From far and near, young angels assembled and heeded the call. Angel Mikel walked down the streets until he saw the big angel blowing the horn. It was Angel Nathan, one of the strongest angels in heaven.

The horn suddenly died and all the young angels including Mikel bowed down in respect.

“Today,” Angel Nathan said, his voice booming through heaven. “Today is your first test young angels. You will visit earth for the first time and see everything you have been taught about the people. Learn all you can but remember … remember what?

All the young angels responded. “We are not to interfere with the humans. We are only to watch!”

“That’s right,” Angel Nathan said. “These are the words of Angel Gabriel. Strength and honour!”

“Strength and honour!” All the angels yelled.

Angel Mikel flew down to earth in a group of five angels. One of the angels was very talkative and his name was Victory. Angel Victory boasted about earth like he had been there before and yet he hadn’t. “Wait until you see the humans. They are so weak and tiny.”

“Don’t call them weak,” a female angel said. “Humans have been throw a lot of tough times and they have always survived.”

The girl’s name was Angel Sonia and Mikel immediately liked her for speaking her mind. Angel Sonia was beautiful in a white tunic. Her words checked those of the ever talking Angel Victory.

Angel Gabriel had issued an executive order to all the young angels: no angels were to interfere with anything on earth. No fighting or killing demons, no whispering into the humans’ ears and definitely no protecting the humans. The angels would remain indifferent and as inconspicuous as possible.

They flew for hours across the ocean; over Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, and Angel Mikel watched children, women and men killing each other like flies. All the five angels wanted to go down and help, but they couldn’t disobey Angel Gabriel. They flew to the dark corners of Africa and here Angel Mikel watched as people and animals groaned in pain and hunger; poverty and diseases were rampage in so many places. Angel Sonia the girl wanted to be sick and Mikel tried to comfort her. “Africa has the largest population of young people,” Angel Mikel said. “These young children will one day rise and bring honour to the continent.” The five angels flew to Haiti and Japan and watched in horror the aftermath destruction of the earthquakes; children trapped under debris, slowly dying as the world watched from the comfort of their living rooms.

“Stop!” Angel Sonia finally yelled. “I can’t take it anymore! Please make it stop!”

All the five angels watched and understood. It was why Angel Gabriel had send them down here. The captain wanted to prepare them for the future.

On the second week, the five angels came across a dark house and landed on top of it. “I see something,” Angel Mikel said.

“What is it?” Angel Victory scanned the area.

“There! I see it too.” Angel Sonia pointed. “It’s a little girl under the bed, inside the house. She looks very scared.”

All the lights in the house were off and the little girl was shaking with fright. The bedroom door suddenly opened and a drunken man stepped into the room.

          “I know you are hiding in here!” The man’s voice rumbled through the room. It was the little girl’s father, drunk as usual. The little girl sniffed and a big hand grabbed her from under the bed.”

“Hi Mary,” the man said. “Why isn’t there food on the table?”

Angel Mikel took a step forward. “What’s going on here?”

“Mary is the wife’s name,” Angel Sonia said. “Every time the father drinks, he confuses the daughter with the wife. The daughter’s name is Diana.”

Before they could stop him, Angel Mikel flew into the room and patched himself high in the corner. He saw the yellow eyes before he noticed the demon. It was a demon of last, sitting on the father’s head, twisting his thoughts.

‘You don’t love me anymore Mary?’ The man growled.

“Daddy, it’s me! Your daughter Diana!” the little girl screamed. Her feet were off the ground, dangling, struggling to breath. She swung her fist and hit the old man in the face. He dropped her and she landed hard on the floor.

‘It…it’s me Daddy! Your daughter!’ Diana sobbed as she tried to crawl away.

Angel Sonia flew into the room and gave Mikel a stern look. “What are you doing Angel Mikel. We have orders not to interfere.”

Angel Mikel did not even look at her. “I’m not letting anyone hurt that little girl.”

Angel Sonia blocked his way and the two locked eyes. “Are you sure about this?”

This question rocked the little angel for a second. “N…no,” he said.

Angel Sonia nodded. “Then we are doing this together. Angel Gabriel will not be happy about this.”



Somewhere below, they heard the doorbell ringing. Diana dashed out of the room and the two angels followed. The little girl yanked the door open and there … standing outside in a warm jacket was the neighbour Mrs. Williams.

“Is everything okay Diana?’ she asked with a look of concern.

The little girl quickly wiped her tears. “Everything’s okay Mrs. Williams.”

Mrs. Williams shook her head in dismay and moved forward to touch her face, but Diana impulsively recoiled. Mrs. Williams sighed. “I heard screams my child. Let me help you Diana; let me call the policemen.”

‘No cops mum, thank you for checking.’ Diana closed the door in her face.

Angel Mikel looked shocked. “She didn’t want help?”

“No.” Angel Sonia smiled. “She loves her father too much. Her father had once been a good man, but after Diana’s mother passed away, he became schizophrenia when drunk and hasn’t recovered since. Diana is clinging onto the hope that he will one day get his father back.”

“Oh, I see.” Angel Mikel frowned. This was getting very confusing.

 Diana went back into the house and found his father asleep, snoring on the floor… almost choking on his own spit. Since she couldn’t carry him to bed, she threw a blanket over her old man and kissed him on the forehead. ‘I miss mum too,’ she whispered as she lit candles in the room. And then she raised her hands into the air and closed her eyes. “Dear God,” she prayed. ‘Please help my father. I can’t afford to lose him. Not now, and not ever.”

The demon called Last bared it’s fangs at the sound of prayer but refused to leave.

All fell silent after this and even Angel Mikel started thinking that everything was okay. But suddenly, they heard a rasp of wings followed by laughter. Angel Mikel looked up and saw a huge demon come through the walls. The demon landed on the old man’s chest and hissed at the two young angels. From their studies, both angels recognized the ‘demon of death’ and recoiled in fear.

 “Your daddy is going to die! We like drunkards!” The demon screeched into the little girl’s ears. But the little girl was asleep, turning and tossing in a nightmare.

Angel Mikel narrowed his eyes on the little girl’s father and noticed that the old man had almost stopped breathing.

“Die you fool!’ the demon screamed. ‘Dieeeeee!’

Strength and obedience. Angel Mikel took in a deep breath. The house was now crawling with demons and more were arriving - their rustle audible in every room and basement. Voices moved in the air, muffled laughter. Not knowing what was happening, Angel Mikel blazed across the room, sword glowing. The demon of death looked up in surprise and twitched its tail. “Little angel, you are going to interfere? You are going to disobey your master?” Angel Mikel launched forward and the demon dove out of the way. In the process, it released Diana’s father and Angel Mikel watched with satisfaction as the old man resumed normal breathing. Diana’s father was going to be just fine.

A flash of red caught Angel Mikel’s peripheral as the demon of death pursued him. Mikel knew that he was no match for the huge demon and so did the only thing he knew how to. He fled. He span and twisted in the air, then shot through the dark night in a flash of white. It was just as Angel Gabriel had taught him … to never stop moving. The demon and angel crisscrossed the skies for hours. “Stop and fight, you coward!” the demon hissed, sucking at breath in disgust.

“You would throw away your life for a human?” The demon yelled. “The girl means nothing! Her old man was nothing but a liability! I was doing earth a favour.”

Angel Mikel felt tired as he flapped quick wings, but he could also that the big demon was getting tired too. The voice was a gasp and the demon took sharp corners no more. Angel Mikel knew that he had to do something before the exhaustion took over and he collapsed. As he fled, his eyes searched for a way out and the idea only came when he saw an array of caves below. Maybe it would work, maybe it would not. He had to try. The little angel dove down and the huge demon followed blindly.

“Your God has forsaken you little angel! I’m your God now!” Blasphemy.

As the caves rushed to meet them, Angel Mikel slowed and pretended to be tired. The little angel staggered into the caves and the demon, a light of malevolence in its eyes accelerated to catch up. Absolute darkness was the only way to explain the caves. Just as the demon of death rushed through the cave entrance, a bright figure emerged and thrust a silver sword through the demon’s belly. Angel Mikel span and saw Angel Sonia pulling the blade back. The demon gasped and stared in disbelief.

‘You… y-o-u tricked me!’ The demon was strong and just wouldn’t die. Angel Mikel walked over, and also thrust his sword into the demon’s belly.  

“My God will never forsake me!’ Angel Mikel yelled in rage. The demon screamed, then vaporized in a flame of yellow.

With the demon gone, the cloud of haze suddenly melted from Angel Mikel’s eyes. He turned and Angel Sonia rushed into his arms. They held each other for a second and then pulled back in awkward silence.

“What are we going to do Mikel.” Angel Sonia looked very worried.

Angel Mikel shrugged. “I don’t know, but Angel Gabriel is going to be really mad at us.”


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