ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player
ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player

Angel Mikel Training Day

Angel Nathan rose on strong wings and towered above the young angels. Angel Mikel and Angel Sonia stared at him in awe, and the big warrior smiled. “Well, are you just going to stand there and stare?”

Angel Mikel rose into the air with the ease of youth. “Where are we going Angel Nathan?”

“Your first training.” The big warrior speared into the clouds and the young ones followed.

“Our first training?” Angel Sonia said with twinkling eyes. “What exactly are we going to be doing?”

“You will save a human life.” Angel Nathan glanced back with a grin. “There is no feeling like it. Once you feel it, you will want to feel it again and again. It’s like a drug.”

“Yeee!” Angel Mikel squealed. “Can I go first?”

“You will both go first,” the warrior said. “Follow me.”

Two days later, they arrived on a highway that was suspended above water. “It’s the most beautiful bridge I have ever seen,” Angel Sonia said. “Where is this?”

“It’s California,” Angel Nathan said. “It’s one of the most beautiful bridges in the world.”

The red-orange looking bridge looked like it was floating in the air. The hours were those of morning and traffic was flowing at 50 mph which was an average speed.

“What are we looking for?” Angel Mikel asked.

“Remember your training,” Angel Nathan said. “What’s the first rule?”

“To listen,” Angel Sonia said. She closed her eyes and Mikel did the same.

There was a lot of chatter and very few people were praying. Angel Mikel listened to the sound of the engines and the music playing in the vehicles. “I hear it,” he finally said, as he opened his eyes.

“Where?” Angel Sonia opened her eyes too.

The two young angels dropped lower and left Angel Nathan above.

“There!” Angel Mikel pointed.

“The semi-truck? But it’s going slowly?” Angel Sonia furrowed her brows.

“Look inside the cabin?”

And Angel Sonia suddenly gasped. “It’s the sleep demon! He’s putting the driver to sleep. Come on Mikel!”

They dove for the truck just as it started swerving. Angel Mikel flew to the front of the truck and pushed it back on the road. Angel Sonia pulled out her sword and dove into the cabin. The demon of sleep pulled its talons out of the driver’s skull and laughed. “I will get him later,” the demon said. And then shot out of the cabin in a trail of yellow gas.

The driver instantly woke up and grabbed the steering wheel. The semi-truck fish-tailed and hit a smaller car on the next lane. Angel Mikel dove for the car and steadied it. Inside was a woman who looked scared and shaken. Angel Sonia dove for the rear of the truck and pushed it back on the road. Traffic came to a halt and people started jumping out of their vehicles.

“Are you hurt?” Someone asked.

The truck driver stepped out and touched himself all over. “I’m okay… I think.”

“Praise God for saving my life!” The woman in the small car said as she stepped out. “It’s a miracle!”

People cried and started praying. Angel Mikel flew over to Angel Sonia and the two young angels hugged.

“It’s so beautiful,” Angel Sonia said. “I feel like …my whole body is energized.”

“Must be the prayers,” Angel Mikel said. “I have never felt so alive.”

Angel Nathan suddenly appeared from above and smiled at both of them. “You have just saved your first human lives.”




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