ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player
ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player

                                   Angel Mikel


               “Are you guys ready for lesson two?” Angel Nathan said.

               Angel Mikel and Angel Sonia gave the wreck below one last look. They would remember this moment forever. Their first human save. With shiny eyes, they replied. “Yes Angel Nathan.”

               “Well,” Angel Nathan said with a hearty laugh. “Don’t just stare, come on.” The big warrior rose to the sky on powerful wings, the silver sword dangling on his side.

               Angel Mikel and Angel Sonia shot after him, giggling the whole way up. When they reached a cruising altitude, Angel Mikel asked. “Where are we going Angel Nathan?”

               The big warrior smiled. “We are going to catch a train. This battle between good and evil is not always a physical one. Sometimes, you can win fights without fighting.”

               Angel Mikel wanted to fight, but he also wanted to be wise. He glanced at Angel Sonia who only smiled at him. Angel Sonia was smart and reasonable. Angel Mikel felt like he could learn a lot from her.

               They arrived in Africa two days later and landed on an old brick building to rest.

               “Where are we?” Angel Sonia asked as she gasped for breath.

               “Nairobi,” Angel Nathan said. “Come on, no time to rest.”

               They flew for another ten minutes before Angel Mikel saw a train leaving a railway station. “There!” he shouted. The time was eight in the morning and passengers were leaning out of the train windows to wave goodbye to their loved ones at the station.

               “It’s so beautiful,” Angel Sonia said.

               The three angels glided down and landed on top of the train. The train picked up speed and left the city behind. Ten minutes later, it was curving its way around the beautiful landscape headed for the port of Mombasa. Angel Mikel sighed next to Angel Sonia and listened to the sound of the engine. He got a treat of his life a few hours later when the train went over a bridge at the Tsavo National Park. Angel Sonia squealed in delight at the sight of Zebras and impalas. “Africa is so beautiful!” she said.

               “Back in the days, a lot of animals got hit by this train,” Angel Nathan said. “But now they have built a bridge to allow the animals to walk underneath the railroad.”

               “Can we just stay in Africa?” Angel Sonia said pointing at a lion hiding in the grass.

“I have never seen a lion before.” Angel Mikel almost flew towards it.

               Angel Nathan coughed to draw their attention. “It’s time for your lesson.”

               The two young angels immediately closed their eyes and listened … searching. Inside the train carriages, Angel Mikel heard the murmur of conversation and the clank of cutlery. He tried to focus on that which was out of place.

               “I found it,” Angel Sonia suddenly said as she opened her eyes. “There!”

               Angel Mikel followed her eyes and saw what she was looking at. Inside the carriage was a mother cuddling a sick boy. “It’s the demon of sickness!” Angel Mikel said as he pulled out his sword.

               “Put that sword back,” Angel Nathan said in a firm tone. “Not every fight is won with a sword.”

               “But Angel Nathan,” Mikel said. “How are we …”

               “Think Angel Mikel. Faith without action is dead.”

               And suddenly Angel Mikel understood. The boy’s mother was crying and praying, but…”

               “She’s repeating the same words over and over,” Angel Sonia said. “I don’t think she knows how to pray. I can’t feel anything.”

               Angel Mikel and Angel Sonia flew inside the carriage and landed behind the woman. The demon of sickness had its claws around the little boy’s heart … squeezing. “Come to me little one,” the demon said with a growl.

               Once again Angel Mikel reached for the sword and only stopped when he saw the look on Angel Sonia’s face. There had to be another way. He searched the carriage without knowing what he was looking for. There had to be another weapon… another… And then he saw it.

               “Over there Angel Sonia. It’s a man of God.” Angel Mikel flew to the corner of the carriage and whispered into the pastor’s ear. The man of God instantly fell on his knees and started praying. He praised God for choosing him … the God of Isaac and Moses. He prayed for journey mercies for the train. He prayed for the people in the train and especially those who were sick.

               Angel Mikel started feeling the power flow through his body. He watched as Angel Sonia whispered something into the pastor’s ear. The man of God started walking through the carriage, praying for the people who thought he had lost his mind. And when he reached the mother with the sick baby, he rebuked the demon and laid his hand on the boy. The demon inside let go with a scared face and flew out of the carriage. “Not fair,” the demon said.

               Angel Mikel followed the demon to make sure it was gone. He returned and found Angel Sonia whispering into the mother’s ear. “You must believe for your child to be healed.”

               The boy’s mother cried some more and kissed her baby. The little boy coughed once and then managed a weak smile. “I feel better mummy,” he said.

               The mother picked him up and hugged him close. “Praise God,” she yelled. “My son is healed and well again!”

               Once more Angel Mikel and Angel Sonia hugged. Angel Mikel felt like he was floating in pure joy. His wings were light and his heart felt alive. He wished he could feel like this every day.

               “We did it Angel Sonia.”

               “Yes, we did it.”

               Above them on top of the train, Angel Nathan smiled and looked very proud.



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