ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player
ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player

                                               Angel Mikel

                                  The Rebellion


The train pushed up the hill as it approached the port of Mombasa. Angel Mikel and Angel Sonia scanned the horizon, eager to see the wonders that lay ahead. The cool air had turned hot and humid, and with it came a weird smell – like dead fish…from a distance.

            “It’s the smell of the ocean,” Angel Nathan said. He stood tall on the train with his hands folded over his chest. “Do you see it?”

            Both young angels stood up. “There!” They both gasped at sight ahead. The land ended abruptly to reveal endless blue waters.

            “It’s …it’s majestic,” Angel Mikel said.

            “It’s beautiful.” Angel Sonia’s eyes were twinkling.

            “Why don’t you guys take a few days off and enjoy yourselves on the beach. The training can wait.”

            “Really?” Angel Sonia looked excited.

            Angel Nathan was about to respond when he suddenly felt a presence. The big warrior raised his eyes and searched the skies.

            Up in the sky appeared a tiny dot that started getting bigger. Ten minutes later, Angel Mikel saw the huge wings of an angel approaching. The angel landed on the train and saluted Angel Nathan.

            “This is Angel Musa,” Angel Nathan said. “He is stationed here in Africa.”

            Angel Musa’s biceps were just as big as Angel Nathan’s. He wore a white tunic and smiled at the young angels. “Strength and honour,” he said.

            “Strength and honour,” Angel Mikel and Angel Sonia replied.

            The train pulled into the station in Mombasa with a hiss and the passengers streamed out.

            “What brings you here Angel Musa?” Angel Nathan said.

            The African angel sighed and searched his words. “The rebels are on the move Captain.”

            Angel Nathan closed his eyes and then opened them. “Are they headed towards the city?”

            “Yes Captain. It is as you had suspected. It was only a matter of time.”

            Angel Mikel couldn’t stop himself. “What does it mean, when the rebels head into the city?”

            The African angel looked at the young angel with a lot of curiosity. “It means that they want to overthrow the government.”

            Angel Sonia gasped. “A coup?”

            “Yes,” Angel Nathan said. “There will be a lot of violence and many Africans will die. There’s not a moment to lose.” The big warrior spread his wings and lifted off the train. Angel Musa immediately followed his captain and the two young angels brought the rear.

            The four angels shot into the sky at lightning speed. Angel Mikel and Angel Sonia couldn’t believe their luck at seeing some real action. This was every young angel’s dream. The fight for the humans in a real battle. They zigzagged through the clouds and it all felt surreal to Angel Mikel.

            Thirty minutes later they arrived. The angels hit the brakes and hovered above a city defined by skyscrapers and heavy traffic. Angel Nathan turned to his two students.

            “Where’s the first place you go to when you want to overthrow a government?”

            “The president’s house?” Angel Mikel said.

            “The parliament?” Angel Sonia didn’t look very sure.

            “Very close. You go to the most popular radio station,” Angel Nathan said. “The radio station with the largest number of viewers. You want to reach the people. You want the people to know that you are now in command. Come on!”

            The four angels floated above the city and searched the horizon. Three hours later, they saw a dark cloud approaching. It moved fast, and Angel Mikel instantly knew that the rebels were running ...into the city.

            “They have been running all night without food,” Angel Musa said. “They are determined to overthrow the government, and the element of surprise is important.”

            Above the rebels, Angel Mikel saw thousands of demons, floating and shrieking. Some of the demons had their claws deep in the rebels’ skulls…twisting.

            “Follow me!” Angel Musa dove down to one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city. “The radio station is on the first floor.”

The four angels dove down until they reached the first floor. Inside the building, they saw men and women at work, behind their desks and computers.

            Angel Nathan took in a deep breath and pulled out his silver sword. Angel Mikel and Angel Sonia quickly did the same. The silver blades in the hands of the two young angels shook, and the fear in their eyes was real.

            “Remember this,” Angel Musa said as he flexed his muscles. “We do everything to prevent those rebels from broadcasting that the government has been overthrown. Without the support of the people, the rebels have no power.” He turned to the young angels. “Tell the people to lock the doors and hide.”

            Angel Mikel and Angel Sonia flew through the various rooms in the Radio Station and whispered into the ears. “Danger is approaching, lock the doors!” Panic fell into the studio and papers flew everywhere. Grown up men and women hid under their desks, and the few brave ones managed to lock the doors. The four angel glowed above the room and waited with their swords drawn.

            “Strength and honour,” Angel Nathan said.

            “Strength and honour,” the three angels replied.

            At the sound of the first gunfire, Angel Musa raised a battle cry and flew through the wall.

            “Stay close to me,” Angel Nathan said as he too roared through the wall. Angel Mikel and Angel Sonia had no choice but to follow. On the other side of the wall were demons of all sizes, screaming and urging the rebels forward. Below on the ground, a group of rebels was trying to break the doors into the radio station. Angel Mikel watched with awe as Angel Nathan and Angel Musa sliced through the demons. The demons seemed to have been caught by surprise and screamed as they dissolved into yellow Sulphur. Angel Mikel blocked a red sword and drove his sword through a small demon. The demon stared at him with shocked eyes and then dissolved into yellow Sulphur. Angel Mikel felt strange … killing. And yet he knew he had to or be killed. Beside him, Angel Sonia was not hesitant as she dropped one demon after another. She was skillful and fearless.

            Angel Mikel killed five demons in a minute. He flew through the demons and span with the sword, killing three more instantly. It almost felt like he was getting better with every kill and this made him hungry for more kills. But no matter how many demons he killed, there always seemed to be more.

            At one point in the battle, a huge blow snapped Angel Mikel’s head back, and he almost dropped his sword. When he came to, a long demon sword was headed towards him. The young angel shot out of the way in the nick of time and flew above the big demon. Out of nowhere, Angel Nathan appeared and drove a silver sword through the demon, killing it instantly.

            “It’s time to end this!” Angel Nathan said. The big angel pulled out a horn and blew into it three times. The horn was so loud that the battle instantly stopped and the demons wondered what was happening.

            Angel Mikel flew over to Angel Sonia and was glad that she was okay. With the sound of the horn, the world seemed to have stopped and even the rebels below looked confused in their attempt to break the doors.

            And then Angel Mikel saw it and her face brightened. There in the horizon, a light like the sun appeared and moved towards the radio station. This light was unlike no other and seemed to lift the weight from the city.

            “Angels!” Angel Sonia gasped.

            There were so many angels in the sky and it felt like heaven on earth. The demons couldn’t decide whether to run or fight. Down on the ground, one voice rose above all, sending fear through the rebels. “The government soldiers are coming!”

            “How did they get here so fast?” Another voice said.

            The rebels panicked and started running in every direction. The government soldiers pursued them in trucks and jeeps, and gunned them down. Up above, angels ran through the demons, killing almost all of them.

            Angel Mikel and Angel Sonia watched in amazement.

            “Our first battle,” Angel Sonia said. “We just won our first battle.”

            “Yes we did.” Angel Mikel nodded.

            Angel Nathan flew over and made eye contact with his students. “Because of what we have done here today, Africa will be safe. You both did good, and I am a very proud teacher. Every day in the life of an angel will bring new challenges. Always listen and follow your instincts. Let the grace of God guide you from one mission to the next.”






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