ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player
ROBERT MWANGI .... The diary of a soccer player

Angel Mikel

Angel Mikel Christmas


Little Angel Mikel crept behind the warriors in Heaven so they could not see him. The warriors towered above him and looked focused on the view ahead. Angel Mikel dove down from Heaven and flew through the galaxies. He floated around the planets and glowing stars until he reached the planet earth. Here again he dove through the clouds and entered the earth’s atmosphere.

Below on earth was Christmas holiday and the air was filled with a sense of celebration. The malls were covered with decorations, and Christmas music filled the air. Angel Mikel had never been to earth before and everything including the cities, mountains and the rivers looked beautiful.

The little angel floated above the cities and watched the people with a lot of interest. Most of them went about their businesses and looked humble. But some shouted at each other and a few bad ones actually fought. The children were adorable, they played in the dirt and laughed without a care. One man who looked drunk walked into the middle of a highway staggering. Without thinking, the little angel dove and pulled the man back, just as an 18 wheeler trailer whizzed by. “I need to stop drinking,” the angel whispered into the man’s ears. I need to stop drinking for the sake of my children.”

The drunken man span with terror filled eyes, searching for the voice and seeing no one. He seemed to sober up too, and suddenly without warning started running. “Yes,” Angel Mikel whispered into the man’s ears. “I need to go home to my wife and children.”

This was earth and it was just as the little Angel had pictured it. Other than a few parts of the world, the days of war were gone to be replaced by peace and prosperity. 

He could hear music. It came soft through the air and soothed his soul. The little angel followed it all the way to a small church in a small town. He dove inside the building and hovered above the choir, facing the congregation. “I’ll rise up and be your voice, I made my choice, this is my story. Your songs are stored inside my heart, so break me apart, it’s for your glory.”

Angel Mikel closed his eyes and extended his little wings over the choir. What was this strange feeling inside him? He had never felt like this before. It was as though the singing was making him stronger. He soaked in all in and enjoyed every moment of it. This part of earth called church – he loved a lot.



Suddenly … eerie laughter. It started small and got loud. The church doors burst open and a fat man in a suit walked in. Hovering above him was a cloud of demons … so many that they looked like a dark cloud. Angel Mikel gasped and felt afraid. He had never seen a demon before but had heard many stories about them and how they once used to be angels who rebelled against God.

The rich man walked along the piers and sat at the very front row of the church. The demons followed and swarmed around the congregation, teasing the people and putting them to sleep. Angel Mikel recovered from his fear and felt angry. This was not right and he had to do something. The little angel flew over to the demons and demanded that they leave the house of God. The demons were so shocked by the little angel’s audacity that they could not respond. One huge angel pushed through the rest and studied the little angel with a lot of curiosity. The eyes were red and Sulphur oozed out of the nostrils.

“And who might you be little angel.”

“My name is Angel Mikel. I am a warrior from Heaven!”

The demons burst out laughing and Angel Mikel felt small.

“A warrior you say,” the big demon said. “My name is Prince Baal. And angels fly away when they see me.”

Angel Mikel felt his confidence fading. “Y…you have no right to be inside here. This is the house of God.”

Prince Baal showed yellow canines. “The house of God you say. Do you know who build this house? It was that rich man sitting in front there. His money built this church.”

The little angel started trembling and flapped wings to move away from the big demon. “No, that can’t be true. The house of God is pure… and holy …”

The demons edged forward and Angel Mikel moved backwards. They were laughing and sneering at him, saliva drooping down their canines.

“Get him!” Prince Baal roared.

Angel Mikel dashed through the walls like lightning. Four demons missed him narrowly and almost pulled at his feathers. The little angel shot into the sky and fly like his life depended on it. Behind him, he saw a cloud of demons hot in pursuit. They screeched and screamed, and angel Mikel felt like he was in a bad dream. He dove through a building, winded around trees and under a bridge, and still the demons followed. No matter what he did he could not shake them off.

Five hours later, his little wings started getting tired and the demons behind him got louder. What have I done? Angel Mikel thought. He flapped again and this time felt a muscle cramp on his right wing. The wing locked up and the little angel started falling. He fell for a long time, spreading his wings to cushion the fall. The demons floated above him and watched him fall. The little angel hit the ground hard and lay on his back dazed. Above him the demons came in slowly, eyes red, and canines showing. Angel Mikel tried to move, but he couldn’t. The sky above him was black as the demons got closer.

Suddenly, a speck of light appeared in the sky. It started small and moved like a bullet, growing with every second. The demons saw it too and panicked. They started flying in every direction but it was too late. Angel Mikel saw a white sword moving through the sky, cutting down the demons into half. The demons screamed and disappeared in clouds of Sulphur. The sword span, twisted, and dove straight until not a single demon was left standing.

Angel Mikel shook himself and sat up. He watched the sword slow down and the glow of light dim. Holding the sword was the biggest angel he had ever seen. It was Angel Gabriel.

Angel Gabriel put the sword away, walked over to the little angel and helped him up.  “You broke the rules little angel, why?”

Mikel shook from fear. “I … I just … It’s Christmas. I just wanted to see what earth looks like on Christmas.”

Angel Gabriel grabbed the little angel’s ears and pulled hard. “You will do no such thing again. Do you hear me?”

Angel Mikel cried in pain. “Yes Angel Gabriel. I will not disobey again.”


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