Sept 5, 2012


It’s a thin line between love and infatuation at the Salsa club, but that’s another story.

         I walked into the Larumba club at around 11.45pm. Dark shadows defined the room; silhouettes and patrons’ faces flashed under neon lights then vanished as the lights flickered. Smoke clouded the room: dancers graced the floor. I was a good dancer, I mean, I practiced in front of the mirror a thousand times and I had made a move or two in a few nightclubs. But the moment I walked into the Larumba Club was the moment my confidence was shuttered, the moment I realized that I couldn’t dance. Partners floated on the dance floor with poise and elegance; fancy dresses whirled in the air, legs and hands crossed to the sound of the beat. The waltz like sight was breath taking and I avoided the dance floor at all cost and walked over to the bar, ordered a grey goose martini and watched the Latino band strum their guitars like the professionals they were.

         And then the clock struck midnight and that’s when my complacent world changed. I felt it before I saw it: the eyes of a beautiful woman on me. She stood at the entrance exhaling circles of smoke into the air. Her face was outlined with makeup and it was hard to tell whether she was Spanish or English. She floated in my direction and I tensed when I realized that she was heading for me. She stopped in the middle of the dance floor and motioned me with a finger. I looked around then back at her and her eyes confirmed it: she pointed at the space in front of her.

         I must have flown across the room because no sooner had she motioned than I was standing in front of her. Lights reflected off her short red dress and a smile lit her eyes. She started dancing around me, slowly at first then seductively. Her left foot anchored to the ground, her right moved in an arc along with the rest of her body. “Can you keep up?” she asked. I laughed and followed her around the dance floor. The sweet smell of her perfume made me giddy. She tapped her feet on the floor and clapped her hands to her side, and then swayed her hips in a sultry manner and to the sound of the beat. I was in love.

         “What’s your name?” I yelled above the music. She put a finger to her lips then dashed to the bar and came back with a double shot of vodka. “Bottom up!” she yelled. We both drank up and the stuff burned down my throat and soothed my nerves. I coughed and we resumed our dance.

         She didn’t tell me her name but continued swaying her hips around me, shifting her body weight from one foot to the other. Oh gosh, she was good! She touched her neck with one hand, placed the other on her hip: moved her body like a cyclone. I started grinning sheepishly as the vodka shot and martini hit me. The lights began to spin: her movements became fuzzy.

“You alright sweet pie?” She asked with a worried look.

“I feel great!” I screamed above the music and bumped into a nearby couple. The couple cursed and moved away, she laughed at me. I didn’t care. I was having fun, I was happy.

         Suddenly, the sound of glass shuttering nearby. She turned and grabbed my hand. “Cops!” She yelled.

         We dashed through the back door laughing: adrenaline flooding through our blood. Soon we were on the beach and she kicked off her shoes and waded in the cold water. I did the same and followed her. She was a free spirit.

We finally stopped and climbed a huge boulder, watched the shimmering moonlight on the ocean and the cadence of the waves, a starry night.

         “That was so much fun honey,” she said with a sigh.

         I looked at her with love in my eyes. “I can’t imagine that we are still doing this after five years of marriage,” I said. She leaned over and kissed me. I savored the moment and prolonged it. Then I pulled away and she said, “What do you think, the reggae club next time?”

         “Sounds good to me,” I replied as I reached out and held hands with my wife.




My book A Whisper in the Jungle has been picked by a publishing company and approved by the board. It has been scheduled for release soon.


The music is all around you, all you have to do is listen



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