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A Whisper in the Jungle


Publishing - How does this story end?


I have heard a lot of positive responses from publishing companies but I have never been published. They say things like, "Your book is very interesting, we will get back to you' and that's the end of the story. One publishing company told me that my book had been approved and six months later, they changed their mind and said they were diverting from fiction to school books. You can imagine my disappointment. Today though, am happy to say that my new publisher has not only accepted to publish my book but has also set a date for its release. I will try therefore and blog about this process and hope for a happy ending. Will the cowboy ride into the sunset with the love of his life?


11th March 2017   A new dawn.


My publishers just emailed me. I will be spending the next two months editing my book. After that I will resubmit it and wait for further edit instructions.

My book digs deep into my African rooots and tries to shed light to the life my ancestors lived. Somewhere along the way, the white man came to Africa and change was inevitable. As a young man born in the 20th Century, I have had glimpses of my ancestor's culture. We had to undergo rituals like circumcion partly in the African way and partly in the western way. That is; there was a river, but there was also a clinic. This editing job ... it's not as fun as writing.





Today I received a letter from the publishing company. They wanted to see my edits and would then review and give me their changes on what they need me to do. The editing process would offcially kick off after I submit their recommended changes.




Today I heard from my publisher. The publisher is busy publishing school books for the new year. These are books gauranteed to sell. The publisher assures me that my book release in 2018 has been scheduled. I do not know when but I keep my fingers crossed. The sun will come out tomorrow.




I received an email from the publishing company. I have a new editor who is working on my project. The previous editor left for another job. This new editor sounds energetic and I like him already.











My book A Whisper in the Jungle has been picked by a publishing company and approved by the board. It has been scheduled for release soon.


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